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To elicit the testing requirements starting from the business requirement analysis phase; plan and perform testing to ensure quality outcome of an application and infrastructure development project.

Principal Accountabilities:
• Collaborate with the Business Analysts to determine requirements of both internal quality (liability issues, performance levels) and external quality (usability, expected outcomes)
• Determine business and technical risks in the requirement elicitation phase, through methods like what-if analysis
• Clarify test-case design with the business by testing the validity of its ideas and the priority of those ideas in order to structure development and testing later on
• Advise the Business Analysts and the development team on the testability of the requirements to further focus and streamline the development process
• Prioritize test cases according to the business priority & risks
• Implement detailed, planned software testing for each testing requirements (for example, unit, integration, system and acceptance).
• Employ practices to review and/or statistically analyze code before software testing
• Perform regression testing on changed systems
• Perform granularity testing using either white box or black box testing. In black box testing, the testers focus on examining the applications and delivery of data without looking at the underlying code. White box testing covers the actual structure of the code – such as the paths, loops, and statements
• Develop test scripts that describe actual test execution, which display detailed instructions that describe each test, the expected results, and negative test cases that support error code testing
• Track and measure defects during the test cycle
• Develop repeatable and traceable test cycles to keep tests focused for future projects
• Provide expertise on Software Quality Assurance to the application development, support and maintenance teams.
• Contribute to the establishment of the Enterprise Testing Practice
• Contribute to the selection of tools to support effective execution of the Tests
• Develop and maintain an appropriate Testing Environment to support all the tests required
• Collaborate with other IM domains to drive business and technology innovation
• Keep abreast of the latest trends in testing practice and tools
• Keep abreast of the corresponding business domain’s strategy, business plan and latest industrial trends.

Decision Making Authority and/or Recommendations Expected:
• Decisions relating to Test Plan

Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications (profile):
• A minimum of 6 years of IT experience with at least 3 years in the corresponding business domain
• Tertiary qualifications are desirable
• Ability to listen and articulate ideas verbally and in written formats to a broad range of audiences; ability to ask probing questions and deliver presentations
• Ability to work well with others
• Well-developed analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, leveraging both logic and creativity; strong troubleshooting skills; ability to identify patterns and generate ideas for resolution.
• Focus on the end user’s or customer’s needs; ability to set expectations and understand end user behaviour
• Solid experience on software development and business analysis
• Good understanding of various testing techniques, like static, specification-based, structured-based, experience-based techniques
• Good understanding of various test types, like reliability test, usability test, stress test etc.
• Good understanding of applicable technology concepts, trends and capabilities, including Service Orientated Architecture, Web 2.0, reusability etc.
• Good business domain and industry knowledge

Key Relationships:
• Business Users
• Portfolio Lead / Portfolio Analyst
• Business Analysis Lead / Business Analyst
• Infrastructure Implementation Lead / Infrastructure Analyst
• Application Support and Maintenace Lead
• Business Domain Architect
• Solution Architect
• Business Process Re-engineering Lead
• Project Manager
• Release Analyst
• Risk Analyst
• Vendors and external Services suppliers

Location: Hong Kong


Email: [email protected]

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