After living in 3 continents and sharing in the lives and cultures of so many, the highlight of my working week is the people I meet. That’s over 260 digital candidates. I specialise in supporting people through digital market that is constantly changing and growing. I have always taken the time to make sure the little details are covered with both clients and applicants. I work closely with everyone I meet to help them achieve their career or business goals. I have strong client facing skills, and have successfully built stable business relationships and securing key accounts across the digital space ranging from leading design agencies, corporates and in house studios. I have worked with clients to strategically build digital teams and provide freelance for clients across London..

Over the past 3 and a half years I have covered digital account management, Project Management, creative and technical recruitment: flash banner campaigns, full corporate site design and build, user-interface designers, social media projects, pure creative/digital art direction, Editorial Content, User Experience, (Mobile / CMS / Front / Back-End) and Creative Technologists.

Digital is my first love… Followed closely by tennis, hockey, music, friends, family - or planning the next trip away!

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