Production overspill

We offer a flexible solution based on your overflow of work, built around the delivery of digital products and services using a small base of existing contractors.

We guarantee the quality of the work. We hand pick the very best talent relevent to the needs of each individual project.

We can deliver production-based design and development work at a fixed cost whilst working on site with a client or using our offsite facilities.

After initial scoping with the client we would put an appropriate team of Nakama contractors together to deliver the contract at a fixed price within a set time.

For larger scale projects we have the ability to project manage the process for the client. The work revolves around our key strengths, production, design and development.

Clients use our model to reduce the costs of using traditional freelancers and to be able to have a fixed cost for the delivery of set pieces of work.

We engage with clients at the initial scoping, time lining and documentation stage, particularly focusing on the technical and build aspects.

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