Nakama Group PLC treats all people equally. We recognize the contribution made as a whole by all individuals. We strive to ensure that this belief is embodied in the way we provide services, in our employment practices, and how we work with our candidates, clients, partners and agencies in the community.

At Nakama Group PLC our candidates, clients, partners, agencies and all other associated organizations, promote equality of opportunity and good community relations as well as working to eliminate unlawful discrimination and prejudice.

We recognize that improved customer satisfaction and building partnerships based on trust and quality of service must drive all of our companies’ actions. This can only be achieved if all individuals can access our services in a fair and consistent manner.

Nakama Group PLC will be a place where everyone feels respected and that there contribution is valued. We will build an environment in which people respect and support each other. Nakama Group PLC will be trusted by one and all and provide excellent services. By listening to our customers and ensuring that everyone who requires our services has fair and equal access to them, we will maintain trust and continually improve service provision.

By ensuring equality and promoting good candidate and client relations Nakama Group PLC will maximize the potential to become the industry standard for quality of service, network and results. Nakama Group PLC will provide assistance and support to encourage all, by providing opportunity and flexible services, whereby they can continue to have a noticeable and positive impact in the marketplace.

Nakama Group PLC will ensure that we connect with and support all candidates, employees and clients so that each has a fair and equal opportunity to succeed.

Nakama Group PLC will be a company that is considered industry standard for quality of service, network and results by the clientele it serves: by reflecting and listening to the views of our customers and engaging them in service development and improvement initiatives, we will ensure that everybody has equal access to services, facilities and employment opportunities.