UX Consultant – E-commerce and Conversion Rates – Central London

A well-established and respected company in Central London is looking for a talented UX architect to come and join their 11-strong team of consultants. The work of the company is highly focused onanalytics, usability and conversion rate optimization, and would be ideal for someone who can take the results derived by the analytics team, understand the motivations behind the behavior, and use this knowledge to channel this into engaging User Experiences which improve conversion rates.

In this role you will work alongside a large team of analysts and user researchers and it is not a role where you will be producing deliverables for which there is no rationale or research done to back it up. You will produce intuitive UX designs, and will be able to strike the balance between making things look good, and producing designs that make good business sense and relate back to the bottom line of the business.

This company is at an important stage of development, with a lot of exciting work in the pipeline and more pitches currently in progress. The company is working to deepen it’s relationship with clients across many sectors and work on a retainer basis with the likes of Ford, ASOS, and House of Fraser, among others. This compliments an impressive portfolio of existing clients with whom they already have ongoing relationships. With this company you will work across a range of industries, with a strong leaning towards e-commerce.

The company is international and well established, with nearly 100 people here in the UK, and offices in Europe and the US. They have recently made strong headway in the development of an innovative new product, which could mark a game-changing point in the evolution of the company.

This role could potentially suit two types of individual, and your position within the team will be reflected accordingly;
• An established senior, still enthusiastic and driven, but certainly ready to hit the ground running and go in at a senior level running projects on the team.

• Potentially a mid-weight, with the potential and ambition for the all of the above in time and with guidance, but not necessarily the previous experience as yet.

If this sounds like it could be of interest to you, please send a copy of your CV and portfolio to [email protected] and I will be back in touch.

Location: Central London


Email: [email protected]

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