Senior UX Architect

Nakama are representing one of the UK’s largest full-service marketing design agencies, who are looking for a Senior UX Architect to join their digital team. The agency, which boasts an extremely diverse client base, spanning the financial, tourism, retail and entertainment sectors, focuses on understanding their customers’ motivations and using this knowledge to create rich and rewarding interactive experiences. As the sole permanent UX consultant, reporting directly to their Interactive Production Director, you will be required to collaborate closely with the design and tech teams, producing IA documentation and conduct activities that are pivotal to the production and delivery of the digital experience. However, this is not a role that will require any specific design or technical skills, the agency would prefer a more cerebral UX practitioner who is focused on conducting in-depth research practices to provide detailed, quality IA deliverables. This is the ideal role for an academic who lives and breathes web, has immaculate communication skills and is able to lead teams of freelance UX consultants where necessary.

Location: London

Salary Range: £45-55K

Email: [email protected]

Location: London

Salary: £45-55K


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