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Nakama is originated from UK and developed footprint across Europe and Asia, including France, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.
Nakama Hong Kong specializes in supplying talent in the fields of Creative, Media, IT and Digital Marketing.
We are currently looking for a Senior Graphic Designer which is talented in magazine design.

Senior Graphic Designer


• Have a minimum three years magazine design experience, preferably for English-language magazines
• Have excellent communication skills in English and Cantonese and be able to read and discuss feature-length stories;
• Be an experienced user of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and MS Office;
• Be creative, highly motivated and have a strong capacity to think conceptually
• Be hardworking and highly organised with a sense of commitment, strong team spirit and the ability to work toward deadlines
• Able to guide a magazine through all stages of production, from initial design through to final print

Location: Hong Kong


Email: [email protected]

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